Western Red Wings Take 1 Year Leave of Absence - players dispersed in draft - Wednesday, October 19, 2022


On Monday, October 19, the Western Red Wings applied for and were granted a one year leave of absense due to a low number of players, and a few key injuries to some returning players. 

Also, it was accepted that Junior B hockey would be returning to Kings County.  The Kings County Rivermen will be playing out of the Cavendish Farms Wellness Centre in Montague with their home games on Saturday nights at 8:00.

The remainig players from the Red Wings were offered to the other teams through a dispersal draft earlier this evening.  The order of the draft was Kings County, Kensington, then Sherwood. 

Before the draft began, there were a couple trades made to secure some future for teams.


    • Vipers trade 2023 2nd Round entry pick, playing rights to Jack Flanagan, and Tyler MacKinnon to the Rivermen
    • Rivermen trade their 1st pick in the Red Wings Dispersal Draft to the Vipers
  • Trade
    • Vipers trade future considerations to Metros
    • Metros trade their 1st pick in the Red Wings Dispersal Draft to the Vipers
  • Agreement
    • Vipers agree to release players cut from Vipers to the Rivermen


  1. Kensington (via trade with Vipers)                - Nick Reeves
  2. Kensington                              - Ethan Beaulieu
  3. Kensington (via trade with Metros) - Fred Morency
  4. Kings County - Pass
  5. Kensington - Cody MacCormac
  6. Sherwood - Stephen Smallwood
  7. Kings County - Pass
  8. Kensington - Chandler Desroches
  9. Sherwood - Keiran Rennie
  10. Kings County - Pass
  11. Kensington - Austin Arsenault
  12. Sherwood - Max Chisholm
  13. Kings County - Pass
  14. Kensington - Austin Callaghan
  15. Sherwood - Keefe Marshall